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Mario Caruso


I don't like to sleep.

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I don't like to sleep.

Tulleceria is a brazilian apparel store created in 2012 by me, Mario Caruso in Brazil via Vitrinepix (2012-16) that consisted in selling shirts and coffee mugs. The design was made by me, and all the selling process were handled by them.

In 2016 I managed to open my own store here in Brazil where I handle all the design making and selling process of the store.

In late 2016 I upgraded my catalog to a full worldwide shipping store via Spreadshirt (2016-17) and now I'm committed to Threadless. The main focus of the store items are products based on music/games/movies/memes of all kind. I'm always looking for new themes for my designs, you're welcome to give me any tips regarding a theme for my products, hit me on twitter!